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 Wildlife & Adventure

Wildlife in India

The motley coterie of wild life in this charming land of India will certainly fire a fantasy of encountering these wild mammals in the dense forests. So get ready for a date with the majestic creatures of India.

The Indian promontory has imbibed an extensive continent in itself, whose territorial diversity has galvanized the booming of an entire sweep of wildlife with over 350 species of mammals and 1200 species of birds in the country. Each Indian wildlife region has something distinct to offer- there are great diversities of wildlife living in their natural habitats.

To wards the north of India there is wide wildlife domicile of the great Indian Tiger at Jim Corbett in the sub-Himalayan region, Then towards the south it is abode of Indian wildlife the gigantic Indian Elephant at Periyar in Kerala. In the west in the Gir National Park lives the royal creatures the great Asiatic Lion, the great wildlife in northeast welcomes with its treasures of the Great Indian One-Horned Rhino in Kaziranga.

Wildlife tours of India are full of excitement and moments of rhapsody a trip of immense pleasure, a fond recollection that will be preserved forever in ones ever-lasting memories. Today, most of India's wildlife finds cloister in over 200 sanctuaries and parks around the country.

Wildlife in India is a fabulous treat for the eyes, the legion of the wild beckons every wild life lover in this country. Wild life India tours are not just mere an exhilarating rendezvous with the majestic beast but it also have an intense gravity indicating and justifying the need to preserve the whole of wildlife species. Indian Government has taken adequate steps and measures for the conservation and regeneration of this elusive mammal.

Adventure in India

For the right-winger adventure lover nothing can be more magnetic than the Royal India. The overwhelming peaks, glaciers, rivers, beaches delineate the eventual destination for the adventurous sports in India.

India offers ample opportunities for adventure in the Himalayan alpine region, in the untamed blue rivers spiraling down from gigantic snow clad mountains, in the beaches dotting the Indian coastline, and in the various national parks providing shelter to a wide range of flora and fauna. In fact, adventures never desist to endure in this land of stupefaction.

The northern part of India offers all the components for adventure winter sports in India to the enthusiastic adventure lovers i.e. adventure added with thrill and stimulation. There is a sumptuous fusion of adventure and flora and fauna on the widespread stretch of divine snow clad mountains of Himalayas. Besides the terrestrial adventure there are diverse adventure opportunities present in the air too. Going for any air sport adventure one has to be experienced, as most of the air sport challenging comes under extreme sport zone. Aero sports like para sailing and paragliding adventures are indeed, experiences that combine the incredulity of calm sailing in the air and the excitement of elevated height over the land. India is a diverse country offering immense adventure sports facilities in the waves of blue rivers.

Go for adventure tours in India that provides an exhilarating knowledge about the adventure opportunities in India. Acquire tailor-made facts about adventure trekking tours, jeep safari, boating and river rafting options in India adventure tour. Get to know about various permits essential for sports adventure like trekking in sensitive areas. The captivating adventures in India includes Ladakh Trekking, Camping, Snow Skiing, adventure in Thar Desert on the golden sands of Rajasthan and many more.

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