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Dilwara Temple

The Dilwara Jain Temple is one of the most famous and beautiful Jain temple in the world. The architecture and stone carvings are something note worthy. The interior decoration of the temple showcases the architectural brilliance and the grandeur of human craftsmanship. These temples were built in the period between 11th to 13th centuries A.D. The ornamental details carved out of marble on the ceilings and on the pillars are extremely beautiful. As per the history of the place it is said that, the marble stones that were used in making the temple were transported on elephant backs from the Arasoori Hills. Dilwara temple is a pious Jain pilgrimage center. The temple is divided into five main parts and each part of the temple is dedicated to five Jain Trithankaras: Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple Shri AdiNath Temple or Vimal Vasahi Temple Shri ParshavNath Temple or Khartar Vasahi Temple Shri Rishabdaoji Temple or Peethalhar Temple Shri NemiNathJi Temple or Luna Vasahi Temple


The highest peak of the Aravali ranges (1722 mts above the sea level) allows a bird’s eye view of the sylvan surroundings of Mount Abu.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is another tourist attraction in Mount Abu in Rajasthan in India. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to enjoy some splendid scenic beauty and a variety of species of birds and animals. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over 7 kilometers in length and 300 meters in width. This area was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1960. The floral and fauna that inhabits this sanctuary is reflective of the rich wildlife of the region.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is an important place of tourist interest in Mount Abu. The lake forms the “Heart of Mount Abu”. Nakki Lake derives its name from the famous mythological story that lies behind the creation of this lake. It is said that Devtas ( Gods ) had dug this lake in the center of Mount Abu using their nails or nakh. This lake is the only artificial lake in India that is situated at an altitude of 1220 meters above sea level. The lake is situated within walking distance from the center of the town. The location of Nakki Lake amidst the mountains, gardens and rock formations makes it all the more interesting.

Sunset Point

This point is south-west of Nakki lake, where the sun gradually sinks itself in the azure sky between the two mountain peaks. The steps lead up to a high terrace which offers an awe-inspiring view of the setting sun.

Toad Rock

Overhanging the Nakki Lake, it is so called because of its likeness to gigantic toad about to leap into the lake.

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