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Bhangarh 50 Kms. away from Sariska sanctuary lies the splendid mined town of Bhangarh built in 17th century by Raja Madho Singh brother of Raja Man Singh of Amber. It has medieval bazaars and the old palace. Someshwar and Gopinath Temples have some fine carvings. According to legend, the town was cursed by an evil magician and was abandoned. The evil effect of the curse is believed to be working even now.

Bhartrihari Temple

Talvrakash The Sariska-Alwar road takes us to this enchanting site where pilgrims bathe in hot Sulphur springs. Langurs (apes) stroll about and the bells of the scattered temples tinkle all day long. It was the place of penance of Mandav Rishi.

Jain Temple, Tijara

Jain Temple, Tijara Ancient Jain temple dedicated to the eighth Tirthankar (great teacher) Shri Chandra Prabha Bhagwan can be seen here; it has elaborate carvings and paintings and exquisite pillars and arches.Situated 60 Kms on the Alwar Delhi route, it is an important center of Jain pilgrimage.


The metalled road commencing from the Sanctuary gate ends at this temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. At the Pandupol or Pandu gate, emerges an enchanting spring cascading down from hard and compact rocks. Legend has it that the Pandava brothers took refuge here during their exile

Siliserh lake

The water palace of Siliserh with a lake surrounded by low wooded hills is route to Sariska. It lies12 Kms. southwest of Alwar. The tranquil lake is nestled in the hills; the sparkling ripples of the lake cover an area of about 10.5 sq. Kms, surrounded by thick forest and magnificent cenotaphs on its embankment. A royal hunting lodge /palace was built by Maharaja Vinay Singh for his Queen Shila in 1845. It has been converted into a tourist bungalow and is an attractive spot for a peaceful holiday.

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