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Rajasthan Safari - Spine Chilling, Memorable, Daring

Safari in Rajasthan these three words are sure to cause your adrenaline flow faster, even in your imagination. The land of golden sands and imperial heritage

have hosted a number of successful safari voyages participated by adventure loving tourists coming from different parts of the world. Be it the wilderness of jungle safari or the infinite camel safari, Rajasthan is always ready to woo you with its bouquet of variety. These numerous safari options makes evident that Rajasthan is one of the most savoured destination in the world. Let us put some light on the various safari options in Rajasthan.

Camel Safari

The most popular and obvious safari to explore the bewitching beauty of Rajasthan is the Camel Safari. Known as the 'ship of the desert', the camels will take you to the remotest parts of the Thar desert, where you will find yourself at the threshold of a never explored wonder land. Get down from your camel for once, stand apart and see the serpentine caravan you are in; you will definitely be searching for your camera to catch the moment to stay forever. Sleeping under the twinkling stars with gold like sand all around you gives you the most cherished experience of your life.

Camel-Cart Safari Camel Carts are very common mode of transportation in the rural Rajasthan, where a wooden cart is drawn by the camels carrying people and their baggage from one village to another. You may experience the fascinating charm of travelling in this rural vehicle and also mingle with the local villagers while getting lost in the aroma of nature. Sometime on the sand and sometime on the pebbled road, this caravan is going to be an experience that will become a treasure.

Rajasthan Horse Safaris

The land of royal dynasties and the Rajputs, the legends of Rajasthan is never complete without the stylish and charming horses. Once, the dignity of the Rajputs were believed to lie in the skill of horse riding. So if you want to divulge the true spirit of Rajput in the land of Rajasthan, no way is better than the horse way. So, enroll for a horse safari tour, which will leave some permanent foot prints in your heart and mind.
The best way to experience Rajasthan is undoubtedly on the back of a horse. A holiday on horseback is one of the best means of sampling the flavour of India's old world hospitality and charm in original ethnic surroundings. Just by opting to ride off the beaten track on an organised horse safari, with any of a growing number of aristocrat entrepreneurs belonging to the erstwhile Royal families of Rajputana, a person can revel in the heady feeling of belonging to a different age, in a timeless and ancient land.

Desert safari

It's said, desert beckons people, and he who hears it can't discard the call of the sands. Another way to be engulfed in the alluring beauty of the deserts is on foot. Tour packages are arranged specially in this purpose and tourists are taken to stay in the tents. As the morning sun rises, the voyage on foot is started though the vast waves of the sands. Probably this is the best you to be lost in the God's artistry in the form of sand ripples. Jeep Safari and sand bashing tours are also arranged on the golden sands of Thar that are ready to take you for a truly absorbing experience.

Wildlife Safari

A number of wildlife sanctuaries in the region has made Rajasthan one of the most favoured destinations for wildlife safari. You will love to be part of the enthralling Jeep Safari unfolding the hidden enigma of the greens and the wilds slowly and secretly in the dazzling Ranthambhore and Sariska wildlife national park. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary takes you for an unusual safari rickshaw safari and you can discover the beautiful lives of colourful birds as quietly as it is desired to be. Special boat ride at the time of monsoon is also arranged in Bharatpur sanctuary.

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